About Us

Lifestyles TV Channel is an international TV channel based in Chicago, IL USA and Hyderabad, and Mumbai in India.

Our goal is a focus on content in a unique customized format that our international team develops that is based on convergence of business, entertainment, and psychology in order to exposure people around the world to different cultures.

• Explore and introduce to diverse lifestyles content to global audiences.
• Easy fun way to explore new cultures and lifestyles and products around the world
• Enhance lifestyle through entertainment, such as topics focused on food, fitness and health/wellness, fashion, and events
• Empower by knowledge options (knowledge is power)
• Audiences as the core abroad and for the new global consumer in India.
• Additional special Bollywood films and music will also be presented in Hindi and Telugu with English subtitles.
• Opportunity to explore new markets through Branded Content.
• Currently connecting with the 6  million viewers in India.
• Expanding to 24 million viewers globally by 2016.
• Targeting lifestyle conscious audience consumers.

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