Fitness, Health and Wellness – Naismith Hour

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new program called the Naismith Hour, in honor of the founder of basketball, Dr. James Naismith.
NIBF 2015

This program is being developed by Hector Perdomo Sr. , who represents the Naismith International Basketball Foundation

The show will be hosted by the renowned retired Harlem Globetrotter, Bobby Hunter (also known as El Zorro):
see this clip for more on him:

Brief Outline of the program:

LIVING LEGENDS- circle of five living legends- (Pioneers – interacting and engaging into conversation of the past N retired players):
DAILY RAIN! During the everyday life of an athlete news is always bound to be found. This is where the Living Legends are in conversation of, what’s going on in the days of an athlete TODAY.
FUTURE STARS: This is where we connect with young and inspiring journalist into this resource that they will use to survive when they become adult, experienced journalist.
IN THE BONUS– Here is where we bring all of the excitement in the world of everyday basketball. Whether it’s any show box, a stripped bicycle rim, milk crate(s) or just a plain old trash can as your basket. This is where we will engage with the players around the city and soon around the world to help them participate into friendly competition and at the same time give them hope and inspiration for the future tomorrow brings.

SET SHOTS- the Interviewing of athletes from the t-ball players, all the way to professional players like Aaron Gordon – Magic Player. DRIBBLING: the discussion with an athlete about what direction they are going now and in the next five years-
DEFENSE: how to protect yourself & family in certain situations
SCORING: the purpose of doing what you love to do, while providing leadership and direction for yourself.
END OF GAME: wrap up the living legends circle and their final thoughts to end the show.
HIGHLIGHT REEL: Play a variety of footage from all types of basketball highlights in the background.