Hector Perdomo


My name is Hector Rafael Perdomo Sr. I was born in Guayama Puerto Rico on October 23rd 1968. I was
raised in the Burroughs of Boston; South end, Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica plain and ended up in
Chelsea. I lived in Mass. for over twenty years and seen the craziness that makes you who you are today.
Raised by my father Gabriel Perdomo, I am extremely grateful for everything he does for me!

We moved to Chelsea, Mass. and that is where I met the mother of my children Caroline. We were
married for over twenty years and lived the dream that they sold to you when you was a kid. A House,
two healthy boys, a job, my wife for over twenty years and then “POW! Right in the kisser like” Yon
would say! All of that came to an end! Living- loving-laughing life is what I did during my married years.

I coach my children in my favorite game and past time. Created relationships that I would’ve have never
ever imagined possible. Working with Mr. William “Leonard “Bell, we made history in this small town of
Kissimmee, Florida. We became the first team in AAU history to come from Kissimmee, Florida. Our 11-
under team –“THE KISSIMMEE WILDCATS”-where the first team ranked as well as FIRST to be invited
to an AAU National tournament. I worked with the City of Kissimmee, Florida in the parks and
recreation department. For over five years, I coached children and seen them grow into young men and
young ladies. Working with the city really showed me the importance of virtue. While I was working
with a variety of people; from the newborns- in the strollers, to the players that ranged from 5- 18 years of
age that came to play basketball. As well as the parents and all of the family members that came to
support their sibling’s children. Helping them understand the importance of this game since it’s inception
into this world is what I learned and shared with everyone I meet.

I met Mr. Ian –YON- Naismith on a typical hot day in Florida in the month of September 1999. This is
when my life changed forever! I was on my way to work at “NBA CITY” in city walk. When a baritone
voice called out to me and asked “Young man, can you tell me where NBA City is?” I said “Sure, just
follow me.”

I noticed that he was talking longer than usual and offered my help to carry the Gold briefcase and the
awkward statue he was carrying. After my third time of asking him if he needed any help carrying the
two items that he had, I just told him to give them to me and take my chef’s coat. Because I would be late
for my shift if we keep stopping like this. On the way there I told him who, what, and where I wanted to
go in my life. Not realizing who I was talking to. My life has never been the same ever since.

On the way there we still stopped five times and years went by and then I found out why he was
hobbling on the way to the restaurant. We finally arrived at NBA City and I was in the process of
dismissing myself from this older person. After expressing the acknowledgement that I did for this
person he finally introduces himself to me and said “My name is YON Naismith son. I greatly appreciate
your help son and this is what you were carrying in your hands. And he shows me “The Original Rules
of the basketball”. My jaw is still on the floor in NBA City. Not ever realizing who and what I had done
from a simple question like – “Can I help you sir? We both are going to the same place. My life has
changed forever!

Meeting Ian- YON- Naismith has been an experience that is still driving me till this day! I wonder why I
was allowed in his limited circle. That day in September I have never forgotten! Even though he isn’t
around anymore, I can still hear that strong baritone voice and it hurts me to know that what took his life
could’ve been prevented and his purpose personally continued! But this is why I feel was allowed in his
circle. Given the opportunity to be part of the actual thread of what his grandfather created and make
sure we understand his direction of why basketball was invented is truly a blessing!

Being a part of the Naismith International Basketball Foundation is something that I truly treasure daily.
But cannot comprehend and truly understand on how a small child from a little town in PR has this

With this ability to help a program that needs a simple ingredient that a lot of programs have
relinquished to accept is what will be the difference between them and the American basketball

With the passion that is who I am and how I was able to meet the Mr. Ian -YON- Naismith is what will
make dreams and goals a lifelong dream and accomplished intention! That is the reason why I am here
and blessed with this vehicle to take across the world!

Thank you for your time and always remember that:


Hector R. Perdomo Sr.