Subbayamma Nagubadi

Ms. Sue Nagubadi has lived an international life.. having grown up in South India and living in her adult life in UK and now the USA. She is an avid film watcher in American and Indian cinema (Hindi and Telugu) and as COO is critical in the team at Lifestyles Channel select and bring quality independent content to the market.

She has been actively involved in planning local international entertainment programs, including planning over 24 cultural dance performances for a community of 200,000 in Chicago. She has also started a Non Profit organization in Indiana which is focused on Cultural Awareness training.

She is also Financial Planner and Economist. She serves a range from high net worth individuals on financial and estate planning as well as working with those in transition and need of financial planning assistance to set up a good infrastructure for future growth. This financial knowledge is put to use in the film work to project and estimate potential investments in films.

She has very active in the community service and served on the Board of several organizations including the Salvation Army, Rotary Club and has co-founded a local Financial club.